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Welcome to the Children's Craft Village.

The Children's Craft Village is an ongoing project, serving the children of California since 1971. We have brought arts and crafts to children who had little or no opportunity for it in their schools. We served children of single parents, economically disadvantaged children, children with special needs and others.

Our after-school, weekend or summer vacation activities included painting, drawing, ceramics, gardening, collage, poetry, sculpture, and many others.

Classes are taught by volunteer artists from the community. Some of our children have gone on to become opera singers, lawyers, accountants, artists, teachers.

With the advent of the internet all of this is changing. We are bringing our classes to the world.

Because of a rare blend of talents and enthusiasm for teaching, the Children's Craft Village is perfectly poised for internet distribution of children's education.

This could not have come at a more opportune moment in history. The good news is that the internet affords us the tools to communicate on a global scale -- previously impossible to consider. The bad news, coincident with the technological leaps which have made the internet possible, crafts are being lost at an alarming rate.

The volunteers at the Children's Craft Village are dedicated to the preservation of crafts, and providing the opportunity for many new generations of children to fall in love with learning. The heritage of crafts, and love of learning is something well worth preserving.

We work with enthusiasts from around the world, capturing the essence of each craft.

We then mold this material into a form easily distributed across the web into the homes of children around the world.

If you are adept in a craft that you would like to see represented on the Children's Craft Village, please contact us. Let us know. We'd like to extend an opportunity for all crafts to be represented.

If you are one of those individuals (or corporations) blessed with the means and inclination to help, please contact us. Let us know. We have a large task, and many hands make light the work.